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Municipal solid waste management is the most critical issues we are facing today. The problems of collection, segregation, and processing, transportation and proper disposal have become a gigantic task. SPML Infra has proven capabilities to execute municipal solid waste management projects on turn-key basis. It offers end-to-end waste management solutions in compliance to the CPHEEO & MSW Rules 2000.

A leader in the management of municipal solid waste collection, segregation, transportation & safe disposal, SPML Infra currently manages over a million tonne of municipal solid waste per year through industrially recognized processes, ensuring that it reaches a high level of performance in materials recovery and energy use.

Scope of Services

  • Door-to-door collection of municipal solid waste
  • Primary transportation and storage of waste at waste storage depots (WSD)
  • Segregation of waste at secondary level
  • Secondary transfer and transportaion of waste to processing facility/landfill
  • Design and construction of waste processing facilities-Comosting/Refuse Drive Fuel
  • Design and construction od scientific landfills (SLF)
  • Design and construction of inert processing facilities-Eco Bricks/Paver Blocks
  • Scientific closure of landfill
  • Service contract for mechanical road sweeping
  • Waste to resource; recycling, composting, waste to energy