Smart ideas to address water & wastewater challenges


Smart Metering: Water Loss Management Solutions

Globally, a problem that all utilities are dealing with is non-revenue water (NRW), which is water that has been produced and lost in transmission before it reaches the customer.

Digital Transformation of Water Supply

India continues to face severe water stress and a large population is yet to have safe drinking water facility. According to UN-Water Index, the situation is disturbing as compared to other countries in terms of access to safe water with over 100 million households in India still lacking access.

Groundwater: The Invisible Source

Groundwater is vital to human welfare and development, and in many countries it is the principal source of water for drinking, irrigation and industry.

Water Infrastructure

Water is vital for life but it is a finite resource. We cannot produce more water to cater the increasing demand or completely use up the current supply.

Infrastructure Development for Economic Growth

India is at the cusp of a growth cycle and on track to become the fourth largest economy in the world with an ambition to reach $5 trillion in few years.

Water Leak Audit & Control

Leak detection is just the first step. To minimize leakage loss, a water supply system must have a program of continuous audits, of which leak detection is just a part.

Water Leak Detection

Every drop of clean water is precious. Unfortunately, ~50% of clean water is lost through aging infrastructure. And lost water equals lost revenue to the water service supplier.

Wastewater: Alternative Source of Water

India is at the cusp of a momentous growth cycle with an ambitious target of reaching USD 5 trillion economies in next 3 years. Water being the vital element of economic growth, the country cannot afford to ignore the impact of water scarcity and developing stress.

Water Footprint: Reduce for Sustainability

The ancient proverb ‘water is life’ is more relevant now. Water management has become most significant around the world in the prevailing situation where the resources are shrinking and demand continues to rise. Water is vital to nation’s economic growth, well-being of people and sustainability for both human and businesses.

Water Use Efficiency

Clean drinking water is a precious commodity in most part of the world and the same is true for India. India which had abundance of water historically is facing a difficult challenge as millions of people are still deprived of piped water supply. The average annual per capita availability of water has reduced by almost 70% in a span of 60 years, from 5177 cubic meters in 1951 to 1545 cubic metres in 2011 and estimated to decline further to 1486 cubic meters in the current year.

Wastewater: A Valuable Resource

About 71% of earth's surface is covered with water. Out of this, about 97% of the earth's water is found in the oceans, and out of 3% fresh water, only less than 1% is available to be used for our livelihood as over 2% is stored in glaciers, ice caps, and snowy mountain ranges.

Water Loss Management

Water loss is a global problem across continents and the percentage varies from developed to poor nations in terms of lost quantity.

Smart Water Network

Water is vital to human sustainability and economic growth. Globally, the number of water-scarce regions is rising every year threatening the well-being of its people and the economy.