Smart ideas to address water & wastewater challenges


Water reuse is no longer a choice

Water reuse is no longer a choice. It’s a necessity. It is indeed becoming a crucial necessity rather than a choice in many regions around the world.

Water in the Circular Economy

Water is indeed crucial for both life and the economy. Its importance cannot be overstated, as it serves as a fundamental resource for human existence and economic activities.

Water Odor Issues

One may have noticed an odor coming from our home’s water system. Water odors can be indicative of certain conditions, but are not always a cause for concern.

Water Audit: Tool For Water Conservation

The world is facing enduring water risks with the demand-supply gap increasing at an alarming rate. Over the past two decades, more than 80 metropolitan cities across the world have faced severe water shortages due to droughts and unsustainable water use.

Recycled Wastewater is cleaner than Conventional Water

Wastewater reuse — recycling and reusing water from our wastewater sources may prompt some uneasiness as people are naturally squeamish about the idea of reusing water that comes from our toilets ...

Remote Monitoring for Water Resilience

We are moving into the future from water abundance to water scarcity. Water utilities are facing growing challenges not only from scarcity of resources, but also environmental compliance ...

Beat the Leak: Save Water

Non-revenue water (NRW) is the water produced, treated & cleaned, pumped, but lost in the water distribution system, never reaching its final destination. This means water not used or paid for, affecting economies of water utilities as well as putting pressure on already declining fresh water resources.

Water Level Monitoring

We have seen flooding of Indian cities and states during monsoon seasons and the frequency of it is constantly increasing over the last one decade.

AMI for Better Water Supply Management

The water utilities are not fully aware about the active water leaks in their water supply networks.

Flow Meters: Improving Drinking Water Production & Distribution System


Water Efficiency with Digital Water Infrastructure

Digital water infrastructure has great potential in solving water challenges by preventing wastage and encouraging optimum use of water.

Climate Change Effect: Powerful Storms & Flooding

Powerful storms triggering flash floods and deluge across many countries including India is killing hundreds of people and live stocks with heavy commercial losses are reported more frequently now, than it was ever.

Water Disasters: Trends & Challenges

Increasing frequency of natural disasters is observed around the world in recent years. India is also highly vulnerable to water related disasters such as floods, droughts and cyclones.

Smart Metering: Water Loss Management Solutions

Globally, a problem that all utilities are dealing with is non-revenue water (NRW), which is water that has been produced and lost in transmission before it reaches the customer.