24X7 Urban Water Supply

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SPML Infra is executing a number of 24x7 urban water supply and distribution projects in several cities of India including Delhi.

It helps ULBs and Municipalities to provide safe and reliable water supply services to their residents.


SPML Infra follows modern metering techniques with AMR meters using AMI technology to help the utilities in NRW management, accurate billing, online reading, data analytics, and optimized network management.

Non-revenue water reduction

By employing cost effective maintenance and management plan for pipeline and assets, SPML identifies and eliminates several causes such as leaks, unauthorized supply or metering inaccuracies that lead to non-revenue water.

Water source development & transmission networks

SPML is capable of developing new water sources and the associated transmission systems for augmentation of existing water supply in urban and rural areas by combining the in-house technical, financial and legal capabilities to structure bankable projects.

Asset management

SPML Infra maintains the performance of the drinking water network, quality of distributed water, and effectively manages, protect & preserve the water assets.

Water utility management

SPML Infra optimizes systems to reduce costs, avoid regulatory compliance issues to maximize utility's value & contribution to the community.

Complaint Redressal Management (CRM)

Computerized water billing and collection system using latest techniques like spot billing, cloud based, drive way etc. Service level guarantee (SLG) based complain redressal management system allows us to address the consumer complains within shortest time.