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To meet the growing power demand in India, transmission & distribution system between resource generation and bulk consumption centres are being enhanced continuously. High capacity transmission corridors comprising 765 Kv AC and ±800 Kv 6000 MW HVDC system along with 400 Kv AC and ±500 Kv/600 Kv 2500 MW/6000 MW have been planned to facilitate transfer of power from remotely located generation facilities to bulk load centres.

The focus is on development of future power system with upgrading of existing transmission system, adopting technology suitable for bulk power transfer over long distances like high capacity EHV/UHV AC system, HVDC system, compact tower/substation, mitigating devices to address high short circuit level, intelligent grid etc. The capacity of transmission system of 220 Kv and above voltage levels in the country as on 31 July 2021 was 4,43,371 ckm of transmission lines and 10,36,860 MVA of transformation capacity of substations.

SPML is among the largest contributor of power transmission & distribution in India. Millions of households across the country have benefited through SPML‘s power transmission and distribution initiatives.

Scope of Services

Construction (design, engineering, and installation) of:

  • EHV Substation upto 400 Kv
  • Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) upto 220 Kv
  • Substation Automation and Remote Operation
  • Transmission Line and Towers
  • Transformer, Switchyard
  • High capacity Multi-Circuit/Bundle Conductor Lines
  • Upgradation of HVDC Terminal
  • High Surge Impedance Loading (HSIL) Line
  • ±800 Kv, 6000 MW High Capacity HVDC system
  • High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS) Conductor Line
  • Emergency Restoration Systems (ERS)
  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Metering Solutions
  • Preventive Maintenance